Adjustable Standing Desks

Shopping for an adjustable standing desk? Our experts have reviewed the best electric & manual standing desks on the market. All priced below $600.

Best Adjustable Standing Desks - Updated April 2016

Height adjustable standing desks are used to reduce the time you spent sitting. Science tells us that sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy. It can disrupt your circulatory system and increase your risk for heart disease.  Even an active gym goer won’t counter act the negative health issues of prolonged sitting. Adjustable standing desks were created to help buck this trend. Some things to keep in mind when you are shopping for an adjustable standing desk.

1. Adjustment function and range

These height adjustable desks are not only comfortable but many of them are sexy too. What’s better than having a desk that can move up and down at your control. The adjustable standing desks, much like regular desks, are available in a variety of materials ranging from wood (even bamboo) to metal and plastic. Primarily, you’ll find two types of adjustable standing desks — electric powered and manually adjusted.

Electric adjustable standing desks tend to have programmable settings which allow you to save different heights. The manually adjustable desks primarily utilize a crank to move the desk upwards and downwards. Of course, each of these has their advantages and disadvantages. The majority of desks adjust between 26 to 48 inches.

2. Durability

People always ask about the durability of adjustable standing desks and if they are stable, especially when they are extended to their maximum height. For the most part, these desks are quite stable even at its maximum height, because they use a strong base, and have proper weight distribution.

3. Warranties & returns

Adjustable standing desk manufacturers are confident in their work. The majority of them offer warranties and will go so far as to repair or replace defective desks at no cost to the purchaser. Many of these companies are start-ups so keeping customers happy is core to their retention strategy.

4. Customer reviews

Be sure to check out and research the adjustable standing desk you are interested in. Spend time reading through the user reviews. You’ll likely hear stories about ease of construction, shipping quality and customer service.

5. Sustainability

While not a critical factor to everyone, we recommend you assess the sustainability factor of the manufacturer. Are they green certified? Do they use recycled materials?

6. Price

You’ll find that there is quite a significant price range for adjustable standing desks. We’ve seen prices under $400 and well over $2,000. The material quality and adjustment technology (manual vs electric) typically dictates the price.

Editorial Picks – Adjustable Standing Desks

Here are a few of our favorite height adjustable desks currently on the market.

Vortex Series 60-inch 2-Button Electric Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk

The Vortex by Apex is an electric adjustable desk with a range from 27.5 inches to 45.5 inches. The desk is made of aluminum and has a base workspace of 60 x 30. This adjustable desk comes in three colors and finishes: Light Cherry, New Cherry and Espresso. I like the expresso color, all are scratch resistant.

Customers via Amazon are very satisfied with this product; some even have compared it with other products much more expensive than this. The original price was $699.99, but is on sale for only $539.99 (with free shipping). Click here to check it out on Amazon.

Ergo Elements Adjustable Height Standing Desk with Electric Push Button

The Ergo adjustable standing desk is available in three finishes: Lava Stone, White and black. The top is sturdy, even at its maximum height it remains stable, has cable management gear and the electric mechanism has been reported to work smoothly.

Amazon customers are in love with product. Even after prolonged use and adjustment, the motor operates smoothly. Its currently offered on Amazon at $499 (down 26% from $678) with free shipping. Check it out on Amazon. 

Rebel Up 2000 Adjustable Height Standing Desk

The Rebel Up 2000 is a manually adjustable desk. The mechanism is reliable and easy to use. This desk is available in a wide range of materials (wood, glass) and different colors. You can choose the one that best suits your needs; the glass is great for companies that write on their desks.

The original price was $599 but has since dropped to $499 (with free shipping). Customer reviews on Amazon are positive; one of the aspects that they liked most of this product is of high, durable quality. Check it out for yourself on Amazon. 

Standing Desk by Erector Desk

The top is made of solid beech wood and the frame of galvanized steel. It is manually adjustable between 38 to 45 inches. The desk comes in light wood and looks sharp. Its ideal for an office with an open floor plan. The premium materials ensure durability. Customers on Amazon are satisfied with the durability and ease to assemble. You’ll find this for sale from $595 + $55 for shipping and handling. Check it out here on Amazon.